Backyard Football '10 Contest

backyard football 10Hey everyone.  I told you earlier in the week that we’d be having a contest to give away a copy of Backyard Football ’10 and that time is now.  All you have to do to enter for your chance to win the game is leave a comment in this post telling us what you would like to see added to the Backyard lineup and who your cover “athlete” would be.  It could be anything from a real sport to Backyard StarWars with a child version of George Lucas on the cover.

The contest is open to anyone in the United States or Canada and will run until 6:00pm CST on Friday, November 20th.  The most creative entry, judged by an expert panel of backyard athletes will win the game.

Early impressions of the game are it’s a fun alternative to Madden, especially if you have children who like football, but find the more mainstream sports titles to be a bit much.  There are simple controls that anyone can understand and a lot of fun environments you’ll get to play in ranging from a schoolyard to a junkyard.


10 thoughts on “Backyard Football '10 Contest”

  1. I Think it’d be cool if they added wifi features to it and maybe i’d like to see a special thing where you can unlock certain celebrity heads to put on the helmets or maybe a special feature with you being in the game using the DSi camera you can take a pic of anything and put it on there and upload it to the game over air (probably impossible) but it’d be a cool idea

  2. My choice, and I’m not eligible because I run the site, is Backyard Curling with Markku Uusipaavalniemi of Finland on the cover. He was a silver medalist in the 2006 Olympics and I just want to see someone print his name on the cover of a game.

  3. Great idea there Tony.
    I bet character spin offs in the backyard series would sell more games. To be honest I never noticed the series on any console before this contest.

    I was looking at what backyard games Atari already has for the Wii and it is just Baseball and Football.

    They do however have different Backyard games for other systems.
    Skateboarding, Hockey, and Basketball.

    For my entree I would say a Ghostbusters Tag game.
    Players can either be a Ghostbuster or a Ghost.
    After all Atari did get rights for the Ghostbusters game.

    If not a themed game then Skateboarding.

  4. Oddly, when I thought of a game best suited to the Backyard “world”, so to speak, the thought of Capture the Flag came to mind.

    I’m not talking about the usual first-person shooter trope; rather the original game that was a cross-breed between tag, hide-and-seek, thievery and awesome. I grew up in the Black Hills where we had plenty of options for forts, forests with which to wage childlike warfare and water balloons for ammo. I think to relive that with huge environments and plenty of options would be boss.

  5. I would like to see croquet from Alice in Wonderland.

    You know with the flamingo mallet, hedgehog ball, and the playing card hoops. Also since this is the croquet game from Alice in Wonderland all of the characters would be playable.
    Just think if Disney would get involved in a game like this.

  6. Phil,

    I had a feeling you would pick something involving chickens!

    The only drag is you may have missed the 6:00 CST deadline with your post.

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