How Do We Rate Games?

There are as many different ways to rate games as their are places that rate them.  Most use either a 5 point or a 10 point scale and give you a number based on how good they think the game is.  We here at VGfF don’t think that’s the right way to go in our case.  We’re going to give you two different ratings for games seperated by a dash.  The first is what level or age group we feel the game is appropriate for.  This will have one of the following ratings:

Family Friendly – This means the game is appropriate for anyone in your family. 

Made for Teens – This means we feel the game’s content might not be appropriate for younger players, but older children might not have any problem with it.

Adults Only – This means that the game shouldn’t be viewed or played by anyone under 17 years of age.  Your mileage may vary, but we’ll be using the rating set by the ESRB for this rating.

The second rating you’ll see is whether we think you should buy the game, rent it or just leave it alone.  This rating is completely different from the previous ones.  This one will let you know if we think you would have fun with the game, must have it in your library or if you should just not waste your time.

Buy It! – This means you shouldn’t waste any time and the game is a great one to add to your video game library.

You Might Like It! – You might get some fun out of this title, but you might not be willing to pay full price for it.  Give it a try and see if you like it and then make that decision.  Do a little bit more research before heading to the store.  Find some videos online or ask your friends/family if they’ve played it yet.

Leave It! – This game isn’t worth wasting your time on.  There is very little redeeming value to it. 

So there you have it.  We’re not going to waste time on the arbitrary numbers that really don’t mean anything.  We’re going to let you know what kind of content the game has in it and if we think you should check it out.  We’re all friends here right?

One thought on “How Do We Rate Games?”

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