Nintendo Forms Mobile Partnership

Nintendo MobileFor years now the world has been clamoring for Nintendo to leverage the weight of their IP in the mobile market. For years Nintendo has been slow to enter the space, saying they needed the right type of game for that platform. Now, Nintendo is finally making the move into the mobile market, but they’re not doing it alone.

They have formed a partnership with DeNA, a mobile focused company. DeNA will be allowed to use Nintendo’s most iconic IP to develop new games for the mobile market. According to Nintendo to ensure the quality of the experience only new, original games optimized for smart devices will be created. They will not be porting existing games from the Wii U and 3DS to mobile devices.

Along with this was the announcement of an online membership service that will be accessible from smart devices, PC and both Wii U and 3DS. Nintendo is hoping to use DeNA’s extensive experience with membership services to create something that fans will be interested in using. No real details about what this subscription service is were announced, but it is being targeted for launch this Fall.

To show their commitment to this partnership both companies entered into a capital alliance. Nintendo is acquiring over fifteen million shares of DeNA stock, which accounts for 10% of the company. At the same time DeNA will acquire 1.75 million shares of Nintendo stock, or 1.24% of the company.

It’s exciting to see Nintendo taking advantage of a huge market and that it won’t be simply porting over VC games or existing IP. I’m also really interested in seeing just what this subscription service they’re talking about is. Will it be Playstation Plus or Xbox Live in function or something totally different? We’ll find out as more details emerge.


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