Sony’s Financial Report For Fiscal 2014

SonyPlaystation4Sony shared their sales numbers for the fiscal year from April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015 and there’s good and bad. First let’s talk about the good news. The good news is their gaming division did VERY good with sales being up 33% over 2013. In total, the gaming division made 48.1 billion yen (around $404 million). During that time period, 17.9 million home consoles were sold, 14.8 million of those were Playstation 4’s. They also managed 3.3 million handheld devices. Because Sony sold so many Playstation 4’s, they’re projecting even stronger sales this year with 16 million Playstation 4’s being the target.

Sony’s Chief Financial Officer, Kenichiro Yoshida, explained that they’re anticipating a lower operating incoming for the Playstation brand this year compared to last year. However, the reasoning for this is because they’re going to aggressively invest in the Playstation brand in 2015. This year they’ll be getting behind first-party development in a big way, will be making a push for original entertainment content, will be pushing the PS Vue, and will be investing heavily in Project Morpheus. Yoshida later explained that last year, Sony spent 89 billion yen in research and development and that for 2015 Sony is expecting a “double-digit expansion” of that number.

For the not so great news, Sony’s other divisions weren’t profitable and have continued to struggle. This means despite the Playstation brand being incredibly successful right now, as a whole the company lost 126 billion yen (over $1 billion). To sum it up, the gaming division is looking fantastic, everything else though isn’t.

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