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That Friday (Sunday) feeling! – Episode 3

Technically, technically! I am just a day late, as I was a day late last week… let’s move on…
1357683496-30449-539I spoke last week about my journey through time with the Gameboy color, still one of my favourite ever systems and one I have so many great memories of. Today, we talk about the Nintendo 64

Now in my opinion, even more so than the original PlayStation over here in the UK, the N64 was the console that most appealed to the masses. Everybody on the school playground at the time would trade N64 carts at break times, running sort of rental systems between themselves. Everybody had a 64, everybody had Goldeneye.

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Bloo Kid 2 Review

Bloo Kid Logo

Bloo Kid 2 comes from German independent games developer, Winterworks, who have a growing library of games that have featured on various platforms such as smartphones, Steam and, for Bloo Kid 2, the Nintendo eShop. The company tends to favour 8 and 16 bit stylised games and from my experience with Bloo Kid 2, they’re pretty good at it.

Following on from his first (I’m assuming as I haven’t played it) action packed adventure, the protagonist, Bloo Kid, and his lady are taking a stroll with their baby, when a gargoyle like creature appears and swoops up Mrs. Kid and baby Kid. Then your adventure begins. That’s about as much story as you get in this retro-style, 2D platforming adventure; not that it’s a bad thing. It’s really no less story than you’d get in a Super Mario adventure. The opening intro really just serves to give your adventuring a purpose. Continue reading Bloo Kid 2 Review

NintendPals Episode 12: Cranky Donkey


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In this weeks episode the NintendPals try out a brand new section for the show, they chat about some upcoming games including one that Myles found on a sketchy website and as always we talk about we’ve been spending our playing this week. Also Myles got drunk and played Mario Kart 8 again and Nick had an ill family member.

European Releases: Week Beginning 5th May 2015


It’s time once again to take a look at what releases we can look forward to on the Wii U and 3DS this week.

Wii U – Physical Releases

Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush £34.99/€39.99 (£31.49/€35.99 If you own another downloaded Kirby game) – The long awaited brand new Kirby game (that came out in the US in February under the name Kirby and the Rainbow Curse) is finally hitting the UK this week. Rainbow Paintbrush follows the touch-screen style gameplay of Kirby and the Canvas Curse that came out on DS in 2005 but with brand new and beautiful claymation style graphics. Continue reading European Releases: Week Beginning 5th May 2015

That Friday feeling! Episode 2

Well, I’m a week in and already I’ve missed my first deadline! – It’s no longer Friday, in fact over here in the UK it’s around 9pm on Saturday! – Anyway, on with the feature…

So last week I talked about my introduction to gaming, how I started off with a NES, moving through to a Gameboy and a SNES…

1999. My Game Boy was getting little use, I had completed Super Mario Land 1 and 2 more times than I care to remember, but I was drawn in to getting a Game Boy Color. My mom took me and my brother into Woolworths, and we picked up a turquoise system with a Rugrats game I seem to forget the name of! (great TV show though) – An odd choice, but one driven by a lack of choice on a free game promotion
The Game Boy Color was such an incredible step up. It was much slimmer, so your hand wouldn’t cramp up within 10 minutes of playing. The screen was bright, colourful and added much more clarity than my previous system. A wealth of games started rolling out, but one caught my eye most. Pokemon Red Continue reading That Friday feeling! Episode 2

Episode 11: Frugalcast


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This week on the NintendPals podcast Myles and Nick discuss the latest Mario Kart DLC and 200cc mode – specifically how neither of them could work out how to actually access the thing. They also talk about various ways to either not spend money or save it and have another rant about the state of Amiibo stock.

Amiibo Hunting in the UK

16 minutes. That’s the total time that the June wave of Smash Bros amiibo stayed on Nintendo’s Official UK Store, before vanishing behind the dreaded Sold Out sign. While the US amiibo situation is well documented, it’s easy to buy into the misconception that everywhere else has it easy. We’ve all seen the images of stores brimming with amiibo stock, but these are very much the exception rather than the rule, and in the UK, the presence of amiibo is virtually non-existent.

While the US market is (surprisingly) still very retail focussed, the battle for amiibo in Amiibo June UKthe UK is almost entirely digital. A by-product of the GAME Stores group holding an effective monopoly of the games industry on the high street, the only place to go to get amiibo is online, and it is here where the chaos arises. Because no matter what companies may say, a pre-order is only worth as much as the paper it’s written on, and in the digital world, that paper doesn’t even exist.

In the retail space, there is only one large video games retailer in the UK – GAME. The GAME group, who for better or worse have swallowed all that have challenged them, are the biggest specialist games retailer out there, meaning amiibo are only going to one place in any meaningful quantity. While supermarkets and department stores are stocking a handful of (typically Mario) amiibo, the ones they know they can sell, the rarer amiibo are simply not appearing at retail, leaving the shelves in constant need of replenishment. Continue reading Amiibo Hunting in the UK

European Releases: Week Beginning 27th April


Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s time to find out what’s coming to our beloved Nintendo consoles in Europe this week…

Wii U (Download)

Amiibo Touch & Play – Not so much a game but more of a new way of interacting with your ever expanding collection of Amiibo. The app, which will be available to download exclusively from the Wii U eShop this Thursday (30/04/2015) will give players access to 10 minute demos of 30 NES & SNES games from the Virtual Console by simply tapping an Amiibo against your Gamepad. All Amiibo are compatible and a demo will be randomly assigned to your Amiibo when you scan it in. Amiibo Touch & Play will be available for free and you can find out more about it by clicking here. Continue reading European Releases: Week Beginning 27th April

Amiibo tap incoming to Europe this month!

Here comes another ‘free-to-play’ title from Nintendo that seeks to get more out of your Amiibo, potentially right now sitting either sealed in a glass cabinet, or gathering dust beneath your TV!

Nintendo of Europe via their Twitter account announced…
CaptureSo what do we know about Amiibo Touch & Play? – well at this point it’s being released in North America under the name ‘Amiibo Tap: Nintendo’s Greatest Bits‘ on April 30th and has also had a Japanese release previous

Essentailly the title allows you scan any of your Amiibo figures and unlock timed demo’s of some of Nintendo’s classic titles, such as Super Mario Kart, Super Metroid, Kirby and the like. Think of it as an extension of the mode we have already seen in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U this year. Take a look at the below video from a Nintendo Direct for North America to get an idea of how things pan out

Although a limited program, it’s cool to see Nintendo looking to give Amiibo faithful more things to do with those little figures and I hope we see more functionality unlock as more games are released and also give’s Nintendo the ability to market these titles that are available to purchase via the eShop for varying prices

Amiibo Touch & Play will be released via the Wii U eShop on April 30th in Europe

That Friday feeling! Episode 1

Howdy howdy everybody, and welcome to episo… Actually, howdy howdy is pretty American, I’ll start with ‘Alright mate, how’s it going?’

So I thought for my first weekly blog I would start by telling you all about myself, my experiences with gaming and some ideas on what I might do with this blog going forward.


My name is Nick, I’m 28 years old, leave near Birmingham in the United Kingdom and I’ve been gaming since I was 4. My first experience with gaming that I remember was the day I got my NES, and actually probably one of my earliest memories full stop. I recall my mom and dad driving to Toys R Us in a town called Oldbury, about 40 minutes from my then house. My next memory is sitting in my bedroom, which at the time was the top floor of a terraced house, looking in wonder at the HUGE box, it was the deluxe set which included R.O.B, zapper and Mario bros/duck hunt duo cart. Continue reading That Friday feeling! Episode 1