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Capcom Sells A Lot Of Monster Hunter And Is Hoping To Sell More


Not too long ago, thinking of playing a Monster Hunter game on a Nintendo handheld was just wishful thinking. These days Capcom made a bet on the Big N’s handheld, one that has apparently payed off. Capcom is reporting that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has shipped 3.4 million units worldwide as of March 31, 2015. It’s still shy of the 3.9 million projected sales goal, but it’s no small number by any stretch of the imagination. It could easily get that number in a few months. As a matter of fact, it may have already.

For Capcom’s new Monster Hunter spinoff series, they’re hoping to see it sell 2.5 million units by March 31, 2016. Judging by the fact it’s an actual RPG and it’s in the very popular Monster Hunter series, they could actually achieve these sales. Hopefully we see them push this game out in the west as well!


Nintendo’s Stock Goes Up After Recent Investors Meeting

Nintendo Stock 5/8/2015

Nintendo’s been doing a lot lately. They’ve released the Amiibos, launched some killer games for the Wii U, came out with the New 3DS, announced they’re moving into mobile, had back to back directs giving us a more in depth look at their games, and even announced they’re working on a new platform. As we saw a month ago, their stock had a huge bump when they announced the mobile partnership and as we learned in the recent investors meeting, they’re finally out of the slump they were in.

Well, there’s some more good news for Nintendo. After the recent investors meeting, we saw Nintendo’s stock jump another 7% to a market cap of ¥3.08 trillion. Their net worth is now at $25.7 billion US dollars. To put this in perspective, at the beginning of the year, their market cap was $14 billion US dollars. That’s a massive increase and judging by the things they’ve announced so far, that could increase again in the not too distant future.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Boosts Wii U Sales In Japan


A little over a week ago, Xenoblade Chronicles X released in Japan. We now have the media create numbers for that week to see how it did and how it effected the Wii U. Well it did quite well and gave Wii U a nice sales boost. Xenoblade Chronicles X sold 88k and came in at 3rd on the charts. Wii U sold 22,898 units and topped charts.

Xenoblade Chronicles X didn’t top charts but the game did very well and had a positive impact on Wii U in Japan. It’ll be interesting to see how the game will do when it comes west. We still don’t have a release date for North America and Europe but hopefully it won’t be too much longer now. E3 is right around the corner!

Sony Won’t Be At Gamescom; Microsoft Will Be At Gamescom


E3 is right around the corner but it’s not the only big event that’s coming soon. Gamescom is also on the way this summer. Most years at Gamescom, there’s some big news and big announcements from some big companies. Unfortunately though, this year will have a little less bigness due to Sony opting out of Gamescom. This is due to Gamescom moving forward on the calendar and E3 moving back on the calendar. They feel that there isn’t enough time between the two shows and instead would like use the Paris Games Week in October for their news and announcements. Read what Sony had to say after the jump.

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Nintendo Puts Mario Kart Producer Over Mobile Development


Earlier today during Nintendo’s financial briefing, Nintendo revealed something very interesting about their mobile development. Apparently Mario Kart producer, Hideki Konno, will be in charge of development of their smartphone games.

This is what Satoru Iwata had to say when speaking with the Japanese publication Sankei:

It should help you understand the level of commitment from Nintendo

This is some serious muscle they’re putting behind their mobile development. The Mario Kart series is one of their top sellers! To think they’re putting Hideki Konno behind it. They must be very serious about their mobile development!

Iwata Reiterates The Wii U Has More Unannounced Titles For Fiscal 2015


Nintendo said this before and they’re saying it again. There’s more games in development for Wii U then what they’ve already announced. This is something they reiterated in the recent investors meeting. Here’s what Iwata said exactly:

These are the already announced Wii U titles that will be released in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2016, and there are also unannounced titles that are not listed here. Among these titles, there are games that actively utilize the Wii U GamePad, including several we showed at E3 last year that are considered part of the Wii U GamePad utilization project led by Mr. Miyamoto.

With all of the recent rumors of unannounced new games from Nintendo and publisher support for Wii U it’s going to make for an interesting E3. Luckily, we’ll be getting a lot more information in the very near future!

Nintendo Fiscal Year Sales Numbers

PresidentSatoruIwata$4.465 billion. That’s how much money Nintendo has in “cash and deposits” sitting in the bank. $9.168 billion. That’s how much their total current assets are worth. They’re slightly down from the same time three months ago. Nintendo attributes this mostly to the changing exchange rates between the yen and the dollar.

This comes from Nintendo’s most recent business meeting. During the meeting they also anounced that they posted a net profit for the first time in four years, this time in the amount of $350 million. They also expect profits to double over the next year partly due to “a new source of revenue is expected from a gaming application for smart devices which will be released this year.”

Other highlights for the year include Wii U selling 3.38 million units, slightly below their 3.6 million unit forcast. 3DS beat expectations selling 8.73 million units. The systems sold 24.4 millino and 62.7 million units of software respectively.

Some of their best selling titles:

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask: 2.03 million
Pokemon ORAS LTD: 9.94 million
Super Smash Bros 3DS LTD: 6.75 million
Super Smash Bros Wii U LTD: 3.65 million
Mario Kart 8 LTD: 5.11 million

Battlefleet Gothic Teaser Looks Beautiful

Warhammer 40K. Warhammer Fantasy. Space Hulk. Blood Bowl. Mordheim: City of the Damned. These are all Games Workshop properties that have electronic video games being developed. Let’s add one more to the list. This beautiful teaser is for a new game coming to PC from Tindalos Interactive. It’s called Battlefleet Gothic: Armada and even in teaser form it looks glorious.

I love this game. Turn based, ship to ship combat in space with some of the best looking models I’ve seen. We don’t know a whole lot about what this game actually entails, but you can bet there will be humans, Orks (they’re spelled with a K that’s how you know they belong in space), Eldar (space elves) and Chaos (demon possessed humans and creatures) involved.

Watch the teaser. Watch it. Oh, and if they don’t announce that a Warmaster game is coming soon I’m going to be very cross.

Big Assassin’s Creed Unveiling Next Week

AC TeaserYea. I know it’s a teaser, but I have to post about it anyway. Ubisoft will be officially unveiling a new Assassin’s Creed game next year. My guess is that it’s the announcement and demo of Assassin’s Creed: Victory. The game is set in Victorian era London where canes were the order of the day. If there’s no sword hidden in that cane I’m going to be sorely disappointed. I also expect a large number of monocles to show up on different characters.

Seriously, though. We know that Victory is the next game in the series and it’s most likely going to be released sometime around the October – early December timeframe. Ubisoft really needs to do some work to erase the sting that was Assassin’s Creed: Unity. The game had issues that persisted for far too long. Ubisoft Montreal has been the lead developer on the series to this point, but it’s rumored that this new game could be developed by Ubisoft Quebec. Will a new development team breathe life into the franchise that it needs? Unity was a step back in many fans eyes after the excitement of AC: IV Black Flag.

There are still two more games in the AC Chronicles series to come out this year, but they would not put too much emphasis on those releases. Those games will be set in India and Russia respectively. It’s going to be a busy year for Assassin’s Creed fans.

Activision Announces Tony Hawk 5 Is a Real Thing

Tony HawkIt’s become another in a line of worst kept secrets of the gaming industry, especially Activision. It seems they can’t keep anything a secret anymore. Tony Hawk is coming back, Activision confirms today, with the announcement of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5. It’s bringing back all the combo-driven insanity you expect with the series, but putting a bigger emphasis on being able to do it all online.

“Skateboarding has always been about the freedom of ripping with your friends, and creating a game that captures that feeling has been a vision of mine since the Pro Skater series began over 15 years ago,” says Mr. Hawk. The best way to do that now is to take the game online and that’s just what Activision will be doing. Players can drop in and out of online skating sessions with both friends and other people around the world. You can also build your own skateparks, share them with the community and check out areas other players have built.

The game is being developed by Robomodo and Disruptive Games. It will be released later this year for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4. Curiously absent, however, is any mention of a Wii U release, especially considering the game is coming to previous generation platforms. I’ve reached out to Activision to clarify and will update this story should I hear back from them.