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EA Announces Press Conference For E3


This years E3 looks to be quite different then previous years. Two more companies have announced press conferences this year which is unlike previous years. However, there are some constants. One of those being EA which, to nobody’s surprise, announced they’d be holding a press conference. The EA conference will be held June 15th at 1:00pm Pacific. We can expect to see more on Star Wars: Battlefront, more on Mirror’s Edge 2, and possibly more on Mass Effect. Not to mention, there will likely be surprises and of course established series’ getting new games. It won’t be too long now. E3 is less then two months away.


Nintendo Announces the Date for 3DS Announcement

You’ve got to love the internet age.  The world is so fast paced and information comes so quickly that we need annoucements of announcements.  I’m only posting this one because of the size of the announcement.  Engadget is reporting that Nintendo will announce the release date and the price of the 3DS on September 29th, 2010.  This makes sense when you think about the Wii.  It was during September of 2006 that we got the final announcement on the date and price of the Wii and that came out a couple months after that annoucement. 

Because of this could we see the 3DS hitting stores in time for Black Friday this year?  Do you think we’re going to have to wait until March of next year?  Those are the two most common time frames being thrown around.  How much do you think Nintendo will charge for the system.  We’ve heard some talk of $249 or even as high as $299.  I, personally, think the system will launch around the $199 mark, but that’s just me thinking that Nintendo won’t release the handheld for more than the cost of their home console.  Speculate with us in the comments below.

Source: Engadget