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Nintendo Gives A Little More Info On New Membership Program And Loyalty Program


We all know that Nintendo recently shutdown Club Nintendo and announced that its replacement is on the way. During the announcement of the DeNA partnership back in March, we learned that there is a new membership program coming this fall that would span multiple devices. Well during the recent investors meeting, Nintendo gave us a little more info on both of them. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata stated that the membership program will include “an improved version of the current loyalty program.” Read what he said exactly after the jump.

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DeNA Wants to Make Bank With Nintendo

Nintendo DeNAIf you want to know just how much money DeNA is hoping to make through their partnership with Nintendo they’re more than eager to tell you. According to CEO Isao Moriyusa the company hopes to make more than $25 million a month. Mr. Moriyusa said:

“We haven’t talked to Nintendo about targets, but at DeNA, our best-selling game brought in 3 billion yen a month. We want to surpass that.”

Their best-selling game was Kaito Royale which earned them over 3 billion yen ($25 million). Having characters from Nintendo’s best-selling franchises pretty much guarantees that, at least the first time out. If the games continue to be quality titles that people are interested in that figure isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

DeNA and Nintendo are planning to release their first game from this partnership later this year. No details about the game, pricing structure and which franchise it will be from have been announced.

Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 257

podcast logo 2-2-14We finally get Micah back and Shannon is gone. Thankfully Ethan is always on Skype ready to go. Poor Joe. Anyway, video games are here and we played some. Much to Micah’s dismay, we talk about Final Fantasy for most of the show. I’m not even sure how it happened. Much like Final Fantasy, this show goes on forever. It probably has something to do with the Lifestream.

Starring – Tony, Micah, Ethan, Shelby
Run time – 2:16:44

If you want to share your thoughts on Final Fantasy (or whatever) send an email to podcast@nintendo-okie.com. You can join the discussion on the Facebook group if you want. I imagine there is already a Final Fantasy one by now. We got a YouTube channel and a Twitter thing. So you can look at those when you’re bored too.

Nintendo’s First Mobile Game Coming Next Year


The Nintendo and DeNA news just keeps on coming. Nintendo and DeNA have also announced that their first game will be coming out later this year. No specifics have been given about the game or what series it will be in. I’m looking forward to seeing what the first game is. You would think they’d want to make a good first impression. What do you think? Are you expecting them to jump out of the gate with something big, or are you expecting a smaller start? What would you like to see them do?

Nintendo Was In Talks With DeNA Since 2010

DenaJust in case you somehow missed the big news, one of the things investors have been telling Nintendo to do for years has finally happened. Nintendo has formed a mobile partnership and we will start seeing Nintendo IP on mobile devices. DeNA, the owner of the mobile platform Mobage, and Nintendo are now officially partners. Both companies have invested a significant amount of money in each other as well buying a pretty big amount of shares from each other.

This may come as very sudden to some which is understandable considering Nintendo’s position on the subject over the years. However, this isn’t further from the truth. DeNA has confirmed that the two companies have been in talks since 2010.

Internally, we had a lot of strategic meetings. The one big solution was always that there’s a giant IP holder in the market that hasn’t stepped into the smartphone environment. Really, the reason they were convinced that they wanted to work with us was that we were so determined to work with them that we have really been talking to them since 2010. Yes, we were talking to them for a long, long time. Finally, Nintendo became ready to do this. And we were ready the whole time.

Another good thing about this is DeNA is confirming they’re not looking for quick ports or releasing a bunch of games at once. Rather they’re intending on playing to each of the companies strengths and want to make one game at a time that’s optimized for the mobile platform. They’re also looking for that big 100 million seller that reaches people of all ages.