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NintendPals Episode 12: Cranky Donkey


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In this weeks episode the NintendPals try out a brand new section for the show, they chat about some upcoming games including one that Myles found on a sketchy website and as always we talk about we’ve been spending our playing this week. Also Myles got drunk and played Mario Kart 8 again and Nick had an ill family member.


European Releases: Week Beginning 27th April


Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s time to find out what’s coming to our beloved Nintendo consoles in Europe this week…

Wii U (Download)

Amiibo Touch & Play – Not so much a game but more of a new way of interacting with your ever expanding collection of Amiibo. The app, which will be available to download exclusively from the Wii U eShop this Thursday (30/04/2015) will give players access to 10 minute demos of 30 NES & SNES games from the Virtual Console by simply tapping an Amiibo against your Gamepad. All Amiibo are compatible and a demo will be randomly assigned to your Amiibo when you scan it in. Amiibo Touch & Play will be available for free and you can find out more about it by clicking here. Continue reading European Releases: Week Beginning 27th April

Nintendo Okie Is Growing

GrowingNintendo Okie has been a labor of love for the last almost six years at this point.  It started off as a simple place for me to talk about games I wanted to talk about, whenever I wanted to talk about them.  It’s grown into something much bigger than I ever expected.  Much of that is attributed to the work that all of the different people who’ve contributed to the site over the years.   We’ve released a number of different podcasts, we’ve done stage shows, we’ve written countless articles about everything from Monster Hunter to Metroid.  I can’t begin to thank everyone who’s helped with this site over the years.

One thing you have to continue to do if you want to be successful is grow.  Nintendo Okie has a surprising amount of European followers that read our site, write in to the podcast and contribute to our social media sites.  Much of that can be contributed to the work of our friend Gaz Plant who helped build the European base with his content.  He left and went on to bigger and better things, but we never wanted to leave our European friends behind.

With that in mind a few weeks ago some friends of our started their own venture.  A podcast called Nintendpals, hosted by Nick Hilton and Myles Foale.  They’ve been trying to build their brand and bring Europe fresh content on a weekly basis.  They want to grow and we want to continue to serve the readers and listeners of our site in Europe.  To that end we’ve decided to team up and form a partnership.  Nintendpals will be coming on to Nintendo Okie and giving us a new European podcast and place to host news that will directly benefit our listeners across the pond.  We’ll be hosting archives of the podcast here.  You’ll be able to find it on our podcast page.  For the next few weeks you’ll find Nintendpals in the Nintendo Okie Podcast feed on whatever service you listen to podcasts from.  After the first three weeks you’ll need to redirect your devices to their dedicated feed which you can find by searching for Nintendpals.  They’ll begin supplying European news round-ups here on a fairly regular basis and we’ll have a new link on our page that leads directly to a section of the site dedicated to Europe so that you can find out what’s going on with Nintendo in Europe.

“Both myself (Nick) and Myles are extremely excited and proud to become part of the Nintendo Okie universe. We’re both avid listeners to the show, and see this is a cool opportunity for us to grow our own base and in turn help Nintendo Okie grow it’s worldwide audience

In the coming weeks we’ll be looking to recruit some extra pairs of European hands, so if that interests you, get in contact at nickhilton@nintendo-okie.com and we can have a chat.”

Nothing in regards to the way we’ve been covering anything will change. You’ll still continue to see all of the content we put up on a regular basis. Now you’ll just get more of it from more people. I’m really excited to have both Nick and Myles on and I look forward to seeing us and them grow together as we expand to cover more of the world with great video game news and editorial content.  There will probably be some growing pains and the layout of the site could change a few times over the next few weeks.  At the same time it could stay relatively unchanged.  What won’t is that we want to continue talking to you and bringing you all the fun of two continents.  Take a moment to welcome Nick and Myles to the family.  You’ll be seeing a lot more of them in the future.