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Nintendo Fiscal Year Sales Numbers

PresidentSatoruIwata$4.465 billion. That’s how much money Nintendo has in “cash and deposits” sitting in the bank. $9.168 billion. That’s how much their total current assets are worth. They’re slightly down from the same time three months ago. Nintendo attributes this mostly to the changing exchange rates between the yen and the dollar.

This comes from Nintendo’s most recent business meeting. During the meeting they also anounced that they posted a net profit for the first time in four years, this time in the amount of $350 million. They also expect profits to double over the next year partly due to “a new source of revenue is expected from a gaming application for smart devices which will be released this year.”

Other highlights for the year include Wii U selling 3.38 million units, slightly below their 3.6 million unit forcast. 3DS beat expectations selling 8.73 million units. The systems sold 24.4 millino and 62.7 million units of software respectively.

Some of their best selling titles:

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask: 2.03 million
Pokemon ORAS LTD: 9.94 million
Super Smash Bros 3DS LTD: 6.75 million
Super Smash Bros Wii U LTD: 3.65 million
Mario Kart 8 LTD: 5.11 million


Nintendo Makes 25 Billion Yen Profit In Quarter Ending March 2015


Over the past few years, whenever Nintendo was talked about in the news from a financial stand point, everything was all doom and gloom. However, despite all the negativity, the Wii U sales have been increasing and Nintendo reportedly posted an operating profit of 25 billion yen in the quarter ending in March 2015. This is thanks to Super Smash Bros., Yokai Watch, the launch of the New 3DS in the West, and the Amiibos.

Last year, in the first two months of the Amiibo’s launch, 5.7 million Amiibo’s were sold worldwide and 3.5 million were sold in the U.S. alone. Since the Amiibo’s and Super Smash Bros. launched, the Wii U has seen an increase in hardware sales by 10% in the U.S. which has continued into 2015 with a 20% increase for the first quarter, according to NPD. Michael Pachter believes the Amiibo’s will bring in $200 million – $300 million annual revenue for Nintendo. He also states that as more games use the Amiibo’s, more people will want them.

Overall though, things are looking better for Nintendo. Sales of the 3DS are up thanks to the New 3DS, the Wii U sales are doing better year over year, software sales are looking good, and many Amiibos are still sold out in the U.S. at retail. Nintendo is starting 2015 off strong. Combine this with the recent news of the partnership with DeNA and it seems 2015 will turn out to be a better year for Nintendo then 2014.

DeNA Wants to Make Bank With Nintendo

Nintendo DeNAIf you want to know just how much money DeNA is hoping to make through their partnership with Nintendo they’re more than eager to tell you. According to CEO Isao Moriyusa the company hopes to make more than $25 million a month. Mr. Moriyusa said:

“We haven’t talked to Nintendo about targets, but at DeNA, our best-selling game brought in 3 billion yen a month. We want to surpass that.”

Their best-selling game was Kaito Royale which earned them over 3 billion yen ($25 million). Having characters from Nintendo’s best-selling franchises pretty much guarantees that, at least the first time out. If the games continue to be quality titles that people are interested in that figure isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

DeNA and Nintendo are planning to release their first game from this partnership later this year. No details about the game, pricing structure and which franchise it will be from have been announced.