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Rare Amiibo’s Getting Restocked; Iwata Unsure When Though

Shulk AmiiboIwata also gave us an update on the status of Amiibo’s. The good news is, as we already know, the demand for the Amiibos has been very strong. With strong demand has come strong sales. They have actually shipped 5.4 million Amiibos as of March 31. That’s no small number by any means.

The not so good news is, the demand is too high for the supply and there just isn’t enough Amiibos to go around. However, Nintendo is going to be producing more of the Amiibo’s that sold out quickly after launch to help with the supply. That said, there’s no time frame in which they’ll be coming. So for those looking for various different Amiibos, hopefully you’ll be able to find some in the not too distant future.


Iwata Reiterates The Wii U Has More Unannounced Titles For Fiscal 2015


Nintendo said this before and they’re saying it again. There’s more games in development for Wii U then what they’ve already announced. This is something they reiterated in the recent investors meeting. Here’s what Iwata said exactly:

These are the already announced Wii U titles that will be released in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2016, and there are also unannounced titles that are not listed here. Among these titles, there are games that actively utilize the Wii U GamePad, including several we showed at E3 last year that are considered part of the Wii U GamePad utilization project led by Mr. Miyamoto.

With all of the recent rumors of unannounced new games from Nintendo and publisher support for Wii U it’s going to make for an interesting E3. Luckily, we’ll be getting a lot more information in the very near future!

Iwata Appears to Understand the Free-To Market

PresidentSatoruIwataI’ve had an issue with the “rush to the bottom” mentality on mobile markets for a long time now. Many people out there won’t even give a game a second look if you have to pay to download it. That’s part of the reason the free-to-play market has grown as big as it has. Now with Nintendo getting into that area of gaming they have to face these harsh realities. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata appears that he does understand the free-to market, but takes issue with calling many of the games there free-to-play.

“I do not like to use the term ‘Free-to-play. I have come to realize that there is a degree of insincerity to consumers with this terminology, since so-called ‘Free-to-play’ should be referred to more accurately as ‘Free-to-start.’”

He also says that Nintendo is not looking to get exclusively into the free-to-start market and that all of their games may not use that model. He sees room for traditional games with set prices and thinks that Nintendo can overcome the problems inherent to the free-to market. He sees that as a viable option, but understands that not all of the games they release on mobile devices fit that option. Some could see release with more traditional fixed pricing options as well. He equated the value of content to the music industry.

“The thing that concerns me most is that, in the digital age, if we fail to make efforts to maintain the value of our content, there is the high possibility for the value to be greatly reduced as the history of the music industry has shown. On the other hand, I have no intention to deny the Free-to-start model. In fact, depending on how we approach this model, we may be able to overcome these problems.”

Nintendo’s recent announcement of a partnership with Japanese mobile company DeNA saw their stock temporarily rise as investors were excited about the notion of Nintendo finally jumping into the mobile market. Their first games are set to come out later this year and we’ll see then just what Nintendo has come up with to “overcome these problems”.

Mr. Iwata Wants To Surprise You With Nintendo NX


Innovation and Nintendo go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. That’s why it comes as no shocker when Mr. Iwata stated in a recent interview with Nikkei that Nintendo wants to surprise gamers with the Nintendo NX.

However, if you only expand upon existing hardware, it’s dull. In some shape or form, we’re always thinking about how we want to surprise players as well as our desire to change each person’s video gaming life.

The statement is vague to say the least but at least we know that they’re aiming to change things up again. The statement leads one to believe that they’re looking for a fresh reset rather then a continuation of the established hardware brands they’ve used for this console generation and the previous generation. This is Nintendo though, who knows what they have in store. What are your thoughts on this matter?

Nintendo Announces Next Games Console, Called NX

IwataNintendo wants to assure fans that they’re not getting out of the dedicated games business. Last year they announced their plans to get into fitness. Earlier this year they announced that the company is looking to branch out into education. Many fans might be worried that the company is looking to phase themselves out of the dedicated games business, but Nintendo wants to you know that’s not the case.

To go along with their announcement today of the mobile partnership Satoru Iwata also announced that they’re working on their next dedicated games console. It’s codenamed Nintendo NX.

“As proof that Nintendo maintains strong enthusiasm for the dedicated game system business let me confirm that Nintendo is currently developing a dedicated game platform with a brand new concept under the development codename NX,”

He said it’s too early to announce any details of the project, but that those details would come next year. Could we see a brand new Nintendo device in 2016? What does this mean for Wii U and 3DS?

Iwata to Keynote GDC

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has been no stranger to GDC.  He’s been a keynote speaker at the event a few times in recent years.  Back in 2005 he made some announcements about the Wii and what would power that system.  In 2006 he made a speech about disrupting development and bringing gaming to the masses.  Last year was the announcement of a new Zelda game.

It’s just been announced that he will also keynote this years event, which happens to be the 25th anniversary of the event.  The keynote will be titled “Video Games Turn 25: A Historical Perspective and Vision for the Future.”  You can bet he’s going to be taking that time to talk about the 3DS and how developing games for that system will change that way people look at the industry.

The Game Developers Conference will be held from February 28th to March 4th.

Nintendo's Next Console Will Drop Your Jaw

Nintendo’s said that the next home console is still a ways off.  Recently Mr. Iwata said it could be three years or eight years from now.  Whenever it comes you can rest assured that you’ll have your mind blown.  During recent discussions Mr. Iwata said it would have to be more than just an HD console and that you need to be surprised.  Metroid Co-creator Yoshio Sakamoto has even more to say on the topic:

“At Nintendo we always have the obligation to surprise users with a new game console,” Sakamoto told website 3D Juegos in a recent interview. “We have never done what others have. We prefer to create something new that catches attention, and I think this will continue this time as well. Surely the new Nintendo machine will leave you all with your mouth open.”

So, we know that Nintendo doesn’t do things halfway.  The next system will leave you as surprised as you were when you finally got your hands on the Wii and chances are it will do something to innovate, yet again.  We don’t know when that next system will come.  We know it will come and according to the higher ups at Nintendo, we’ll like it when it does.

The Future Will Be Here Soon

Nintendo just announced the 3DS and everyone’s speculating on things it can and can’t do.  We won’t know exactly what the system is capable of for a while now, but during an interview with Forbes an interesting tidbit of info came from Nintendo President Satoru Iwata.

“Technologically speaking, a variety of different things are possible with the 3DS, for example, 3-D video chat.”

That’s an amazing revelation for a handheld and one I would love to see implemented into the Wii Speak Channel.  It wouldn’t be a feature everyone could use, but some people have gone out and bought things like Ubisoft’s camera for the fitness games.  I can imagine all the fun people will have with something like that, but also how potentially scary a company like Nintendo could think technology like that could be.  It’s kind of an interesting statement coming from family concious Nintendo, but one that is potentially exciting.

Source:  Forbes

Nintendo Not Happy With Their Online Efforts

No one would argue that Nintendo’s online efforts have been hit or miss throughout the life of the Wii and the DS.  Games like Super Smash Brosh Brawl, which had huge online potential ended up falling flat because of it, but games like Mario Kart Wii thrived with a very well designed online experience.

During a meeting with investors during E3 Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said:

“And I can say that we are not currently satisfied with the online efforts that we have made so far, and we are working at ways to improve those. On the other hand, I do not think that online functionality is something that we should be devoting resources to for every single product.”

Nintendo even knows their online experience leaves many people feeling shafted, but it’s not enough of a part of their strategy to deal with it across the system.  I don’t know if this bodes well for the future, but it’s one thing Nintendo really needs to address moving forward.  The other two consoles and even PC’s all have some form of centralized online experience.  Nintendo really needs to capitalize on all the good will they formed with their E3 press conference and address their online infrastructure going forward for Wii and more importantly for whatever follows after.

Source: Kotaku

Nintendo President Says Apple is the "Enemy of the Future"

That’s right.  After a couple years of denying that they were worried about Apple in the gaming space Nintendo President Satoru Iwata says that Apple is the “enemy of the future” in the portable gaming space.  He also said that Nintendo succeeded in changing the gaming demographic forever, but that the high school girls and 30 year old men they previously converted would now rather have an iPod in their pocket than a DS. 

The 3DS was supposed to be Nintendo’s big surprise for E3 this year, but circumstances forced them to reveal the device earlier.  It is still planned to be on hand at E3 and that members of the press will be able to demo the device there.  All of this comes on the heels of Nintendo revealing that profit and sales totals for the most recent fiscal year were down.

So what do you folks think?  Should Nintendo be worried about Apple as competition in the portable space?  Sony tried to tackle that market, but has ultimately failed to topple Nintendo’s dominance.