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Nintendo’s Stock Goes Up After Recent Investors Meeting

Nintendo Stock 5/8/2015

Nintendo’s been doing a lot lately. They’ve released the Amiibos, launched some killer games for the Wii U, came out with the New 3DS, announced they’re moving into mobile, had back to back directs giving us a more in depth look at their games, and even announced they’re working on a new platform. As we saw a month ago, their stock had a huge bump when they announced the mobile partnership and as we learned in the recent investors meeting, they’re finally out of the slump they were in.

Well, there’s some more good news for Nintendo. After the recent investors meeting, we saw Nintendo’s stock jump another 7% to a market cap of ¥3.08 trillion. Their net worth is now at $25.7 billion US dollars. To put this in perspective, at the beginning of the year, their market cap was $14 billion US dollars. That’s a massive increase and judging by the things they’ve announced so far, that could increase again in the not too distant future.


Konami Exits New York Stock Exchange; Jools Watsham Tells Silent Hill Story


Over the past month or so, a lot has been going on at Konami. Hideo Kojima has been removed from everything Metal Gear, Kojima Productions appears to be moving away from Konami, and the new Silent Hill has been officially cancelled. It doesn’t end there though. Apparently Konami delisted itself from the New York Stock Exchange. The reason for this decision is because 99.71 percent of Konami’s stock traded over the past year was done in London and Japan and it costs a minimum of five million dollars a year for U.S. regulatory compliance. Still the timing seems very strange.

In other Konami news, apparently Wayforward wasn’t the only company to pitch a Silent Hill game for the DS. According to Renegade Kid’s Jools Watsham, The Ward was pitched to Konami as a Silent Hill game back in 2007. Watsham spoke with IGN about how this went down at GDC 2007:

Our goal was always to release The Ward as an original game, but we were also open to the idea of turning it into a licensed horror game and approached Konami to see if they wanted to work together to mold it into a Silent Hill game for the Nintendo DS. They were kind enough to meet with us, but the meeting only lasted a few minutes and ended with their [representative] saying they wouldn’t let a team like us handle the Silent Hill license.

It’s a shame that Konami turned down so many Silent Hill pitches for DS. It’s also a shame we’ve had the most recent Silent Hill game cancelled as well. It’s a shame that all of this stuff is happening at Konami. Who knows what will happen now. I guess only time will tell what happens with Konami.